Jeffrey T. Mason

Jeffrey T. Mason

I'm Jeffro...and here's my story. Let me know yours! Thanks so much for listening every weekday. I appreciate you!Full Bio

Jay Mohr

David Itzkoff

Meet David Itzkoff, an American journalist, writer and former cultural reporter for the New York Times. If you would like to catch up on everything culture, this is the episode for you! Don’t miss David’s books Cocaine’s Son: A memoir and Robin, a biography of Robin Williams and many others. EnJOY! 

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Ep 10: The Strike is Over But the Podcast Isn’t Yet

The WGA strike is over but we still have a few podcasts left! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

"Bill Simmons"

We go head-to-head with the wise and opinionated Bill Simmons (podcaster, sportswriter, cultural critic, founder of The RInger). And yes, we go deep: Jason gets to talk baseball, Will gets to talk soccer, and Sean dives into the psychology of sport. With a guest like this, we’re willing to pay a luxury tax for this week’s game.

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Ed Sheeran Live from the SiriusXM Garage

Ed Sheeran feels wank about being Conan O'Brien's friend.


Live from the SiriusXM Garage, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran sits down with Conan to talk about emulating his music heroes, the inspiration for his new album Autumn Variations, and unlikely celebrity run-ins. Plus, Conan and his team answer audience questions about their favorite films, childhood aspirations, and more.


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Episode 1475 - Les Claypool / Marc Ribot

Les Claypool is the first guest who flew himself to his WTF interview. Whether he’s studying aviation, perfecting fly fishing or starting another band, the Primus founder and bass virtuoso is always doing new things to stave off boredom. Les and Marc talk about his origins, Tom Waits, Adrian Belew, South Park, Sean Ono Lennon, and the Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. Les also mentions that one of his favorite guitar players is the genre-hopping Marc Ribot. So the two Marcs sit down in the garage to talk about classical guitar, being at Woodstock, jazz influences, and Tom Waits again.

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Sage Steele | Club Random with Bill Maher

Bill Maher and Sage Steele on Sage leaving ESPN, the idiocy of defunding the police, the time Sage interviewed Biden on ESPN, Bill’s advice to CNN, the time Bill saw Trump at the Playboy mansion, the great thing that Trump did when he was President, why politicians are generally bad, Sage’s view on The View, why Bill never decorates his office, the brilliance of Ken Burns, Bill’s offer to Sage to host her own podcast, and why Bill will never live a stress free life.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 9: David Letterman Makes it Six

The greatest of them all, David Letterman joins “Strike Force Five!” All proceeds from this podcast go to supporting our staffs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Craic Mechanic

Conan chats with Aoife in Connemara about working as a wedding DJ, helping people discover their singing voices, and dealing with the inner critic.


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Episode 1474 - LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton was on track to join the priesthood early in life. But that actually turned out to be the fast track to acting and by age 19 he was starring in one of the most watched television programs of all time. LeVar and Marc talk about what he learned while making Roots, why he wanted to be on Star Trek more than any other job, and how it feels to have people coming up to him every day of his life to saying “you taught me to read” thanks to Reading Rainbow.

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