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Top 10 & Bottom 10 Professions for Psychopaths

So, just for funzies, here are the Top 10 jobs with the HIGHEST numbers of Psychopaths:

  1. CEO -- (Obvi)
  2. Lawyer
  3. Media (TV/Radio) -- (Personally offended)
  4. Salesperson
  5. Surgeon --(Again, obvi)
  6. Journalist
  7. Police Officer
  8. Clergy Person
  9. Chef -- (ahem...Gordon Ramsey)
  10. Civil Servant

ON the flipside, here's a list of jobs with the LOWEST numbers of Psychopaths

  1. Care Aide
  2. Nurse (If I could afford regular trips to the hospital/clinic, this would be quite the relief)
  3. Therapist
  4. Craftsperson
  5. Beautician/Stylist --(Wouldn't be hard to spot a psycho in this profession)
  6. Charity Worker
  7. Teacher
  8. Creative Artist --(I've never met an aritst who isn't 'creative', but that's off topic)
  9. Doctor
  10. Accountant


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