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Why We 'Can't' Wear White After Labor Day, a Look at History

Close-Up Of Clothes Hanging On Rack At Store

"Don't Wear White After Labor Day"

We've all heard it, but what does it even mean??



I found out that this unwritten fashion rule started a long time ago. A VERY long time ago...back in the 1800's!


Back then, there was NO AIR CONDITIONING. -- Can you imagine?!

Anyway, it wasn't really socially acceptable to wear tank tops, short-shorts, or any 'Skimpy' clothing. What we wear today would NOT fly back then. Because of this, people had to rely on wearing lighter clothing to beat the heat.

Darker clothing attracts heat, so they would switch up to a paler palette in the Summer months every year.



Status Symbol:

Another reason people opted to wear white was to show off their wealth. Wealthy people often summer in swanky country clubs, or along the nicest beaches in the country, and after Labor Day became a symbol for the American Workers' revolution against low wages and long work days, the mega- rich used the color white to separate themselves from the working class.

from the working class of society.

I'm pretty sure NO ONE follows this rule anymore. Heck, after the pandemic pants aren't even a requirement.

Either way, just some fun history for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading, and have a fun & safe holiday!

More interesting facts:

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