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Cure Your Quarantine Boredom with THIS Face Mask Prank!

Watched everything on Netflix?

Bored out of your mind?

Here's the cure:

Face Mask Prank

Step 1. Convince someone to do a face mask. (Brother, husband, boyfriend, sister, wife, etc)

Step 2. Secretly mix self-tanner (darkest shade) into the mask OR skip the actual mask and just use tanner (hide the bottle).

Step 3. Keep a straight face. Don't laugh, or you will give it away before it has time to set.

Step 4. Ask them if they're ready to rinse it off.

Step 5. Ask them if they're ready to be SUUUPER tan.

Step 6. Die laughing.

Step 7. Wait for wheels to turn.

Step 8. Run for dear life.

Step 9. Post the video to social media for the world to see ---he he he. Tag us too!

That's it! Enjoy, and remember it's just for fun!

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