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4 Introvert Myths Busted for World Introvert Day!

Awkward af.

It's World Introvert Day!

World Introvert Day has been celebrated on Jan. 2nd since 2011!

Now, I know you're thinking, "How can you be an introvert; you're a radio personality?" Mostly, I feel like an introvert, that's pretending to be an extrovert. I'm having an identity crisis. It's fine.

Allow me to explain further: it depends on the situation. Some days I feel comfortable doing what I do, other days I don't. I still get nervous sometimes.

It's a myth that introverts can't be public speakers. A lot of us have high profile jobs. As an introvert, it comes with the territory to be misunderstood.

Let's discuss some other myths about being an introvert:

1. Introverts hate talking.

WRONG. We just don't talk unless we have something to say. We HATE small talk. Find a topic we're interested in, and we'll talk for days, years, centuries.

P.S. --and sometimes it's not even that we hate small talk, we just generally suck at it.

2. Introverts are rude.

Exqueeze me?! We're not rude, we're just to the point. We try to be authentic. We don't beat around the bush. We don't always understand the social pleasantries/nuances. We want everyone to be real and honest, so we make the first move, initiate it. We try to bring that to the table, so we can have a meaningful conversation, and get to know you. We hate shallow/surface level interactions.

3. Introverts have poor social skills.

Not true. Refer to myth 1 & 2. We don't have poor social skills, but I will admit, we need more time to recharge after social interactions.

4. Introverts are always depressed.

Sometimes we withdraw from the world, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're depressed. I mean, sometimes we're depressed, but a lot of times, spending time alone is how we keep our sanity. We're daydreamers, creative types. We're most creative and productive when we're alone, or in intimate settings. We don't want to always feel like we're competing for attention; we like to know we're being heard. -- Some people work better in groups, others independently. That's just how it is.

Those are the 4 main myths I hear about introverts. Hit me up if you want to clear the air on anything else. Thanks for reading! If you want to get to know me better, follow me on Insta @andiahne ! TTYL.

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