Kanye West Rips Into Cardi B, Nas & Others In Leaked Documentary Footage

Cardi B, Kanye West & Nas

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Kanye West is catching a lot of heat after he dissed some of the biggest raps artists in the game.

Over the weekend, unreleased footage from 2018 that was intended for a documentary about Ye made its way onto social media. In one clip, you can see the controversial artist allege that Cardi B is "a plant by the Illuminati."

“These Illuminati,” Ye said. “That’s why f**king Cardi B was over there. Cardi B is a plant by the Illuminati. She don’t write her raps. She’s just there to sound as ignorant as possible, and then make songs like f**k ’em and then get some money."


“She has literally replaced Nicki Minaj purposely, that they put her there," he continued. "And now she doesn’t know what to do and she’s just a f**king... she has no idea what the f**k is going on. She thinks it’s just a blessing from the universe. Ain’t no blessing from the f**king universe.”

Ye eventually teamed up with Cardi B for her song "Hot Sh*t" with Lil Durk last year. The song was made in 2018, but there's no telling if Ye's rant was before or after the song was recorded. Bardi responded to the clip by reposted a past interview in which Ye showed her nothing but love.

That's not all he had to say. In another clip, Ye does a photoshoot while he talks about shutting down G.O.O.D Music. The photographer snaps photos while Ye shows regret for providing beats to the label's artists Teyana Taylor and Pusha T. He also vents his frustration over the way Nas sounds on "Cops Shot The Kid" from his NASIR album, which Ye produced.

“The f**k I’m doing giving [‘Gonna Love Me’] to f**king Teyana?" Ye said. "What the f**k I’m doing giving that Daytona album to Pusha? What the f**k I’m doing, bro? That s**t was three Dark Fantasys that I gave away. ‘Cops Shot the Kid,’ Nas rapping all goddamn off beat on it, don’t even wanna shoot a video. Then shoot a video, don’t even tell me. These muthaf**kas don’t appreciate me. All these muthaf**kas is tryna use me.”

Kanye West has not commented on the release of the footage. See the full clip below.


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