Hershey Buying Dot's Pretzels

Photo: Dot's Pretzels LLC

One winter, more than a decade ago, Dot Henke started making delicious seasoned pretzels in her kitchen as a favor for a cousin to give as Christmas gifts for clients. Nobody could have ever known that one day these gourmet snacks, Dot's Homestyle Pretzels, would be worth billions!

Manufactured in Velva, Dot’s Pretzels are sold in over 500 retail outlets throughout the upper Midwest but today, the popular pretzels are in the news all over the country as Hershey Company announced they are buying Dot’s Pretzels LLC & co-manufacturer Pretzels, Inc. for $1.2 billion! The combined sales make it the second-largest deal in the company’s history! Dot's owns four pretzel-seasoning facilities that will go under Hershey's leadership.

Not too shabby Dorothy! Way to put N.D. on the map in a BIG way!

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