Father's Day... The Only Way I Like It

Father's Day... One of my favorite days of the year.

A chance to stay at home, play with the family... and cook ALL DAY!

When I woke up Sunday Morning, my wife and kids were there to great me and wish me a Happy Father's Day. It's always followed by the same question. "What do you want to do today"

My answer every time... "Stay out of my kitchen!"

Breakfast of pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon, and Orange Juice to start the day. Cheese crackers and popcorn to munch on throughout the day, chicken wings and red beans and rice for dinner... and cupcakes as well! (The cupcakes were for my daughter who's Birthday was the same day this year.)

Always a lot of work... but it's exactly what I wanted. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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