Being a Parent is FUN!!! *facepalm*

For all the joy that my kids bring to my life... sometimes I have to remember that they still have a lot that I have to teach them. 

Case-In-Point: Last night, I came home from work to my kids who were waiting to tell me how their day was at school. Lily, my daughter, was excited to tell me that her class had taken part of the day to mark their birthdays on the classes master calendar. When she did this, she realized that her birthday was on Father's Day this year.

Lily: "Dad! Guess What? My birthday is on Father's Day this year!"

Me: "Really? So... do I get a Father's Day this year?"

Lily: "No... because it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!"


Thanks Kid!

I'm totally blaming my wife for that one... 

But then again... How can I stay mad at these 2? 

Pretty much Impossible... 

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