Details on Nintendo Switch To Be Released Tonight

At a press event tonight starting at 10pm Central tonight, executives at Nintendo will release more details on their most anticipated console in years, the Nintendo Switch!

From what we already know about this console, it appears to be a hybrid console. (Meaning it can be played both in the home and on the go using the same console) This is a first in the home gaming industry and is sure to turn some heads!

Also, the Switch is a return to the days of cartridges for games instead of the current industry standard disc. This is where Nintendo made their start, and it's not surprising to see them return to this. 

Known first releases for the Switch include a new Zelda game, Skyrim makes an appearance for the first time on a Nintendo console, and, of course, Nintendo couldn't release a new console without Mario making an appearance!

Details, such as price and release dates, are expected to be announced tonight during the event, which you can follow along with below or by following Nintendo on Facebook or Twitter

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